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One of the key factors for a successful business launch in Armenia is to understand the tax system applicable to companies registered in Armenia. It is more important to understand the interpretations of the tax law in Armenia applied in practice by the tax authorities. Our tax specialists have the skills and experience in all areas of taxation, which we incorporate in the practical solutions offered to our clients. While strictly adhering to the Armenian tax laws, we also put in practice ourexperience of applying them in an interrelationship with international laws and treaties, for the benefit ofour clients’ business.

1. Tax consulting

  • Corporate Profit tax: We advise our clients based on Armenian laws and their interpretation by tax authorities, as well as their interrelation with international regulations and treaties. We also help to make decisions regarding investments in Armenia, as well as structuring those investments in terms of corporate income tax, withholding tax, dividend tax and local tax regulations.
  • Personal Income tax: Consultancy in all aspects of Income tax legislation and social security system.
  • Indirect taxes: We help clients resolve complex issues related to indirect taxes, such as VAT, excise tax, customs and duties. The assistance includes consultancy and tax reviews, tax planning and efficiency schemes for domestic and cross-border operations, support during custom clearance processes, as well as assistance during tax inspections and tax appeals.

2. Compliance services

With the increasing focus on governance and regulation, tax compliance becomes more and more important. Compliance failure signifies not only a financial risk but also a serious business risk, as it can damage public reputation of the company. We help our clients in managing their tax compliance issues; evaluate risks and opportunities, and have the complete control over them.

3. Tax reviews
The purpose of tax review is to identify and estimate potential tax risks associated with our clients’ business activities, assess the level of tax compliance, and identify potential tax savings.The review usually covers the following taxes: Corporate profit tax (including withholding taxes), VAT, payroll taxes (including mandatory social security payments), excise tax, customs and duties and other taxes (if applicable).

4. Assistance to clients undergoing tax audits by the tax authorities
We can provide our professional staff to assist during the tax audit process and lodging of complaints.

5. International taxation and administrative support
We provide our Clients with consultancy related to double taxation. On behalf of our Clients we may also acquire from the tax authorities certificates of exemption and refund.



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